I guess I’ve been on a little hiatus.   Too many things to focus on so a break from everything was essential. I am reviving my time to my blog and well, let’s see where we go from here.

April brought another ending to a great dance year for the Hudson Dance Studio.  Over 200 dancers of all ages and I was honoured to be asked to take some pictures.

Processed with MOLDIV
Processed with MOLDIV

Of course I will start with my favourite dancer, my daughter.  I was so happy when she saw my camera and she threw me her beautiful smile. 

The girls, and a few boys always put their best foot forward and bring the audience an exciting show.


Colourful costumes and tender emotion brought to the stage by the dancers helps tell the story of their dance.


But, as entertaining as all these dance performances are I always prefer the “behind the scene” action.  This is where the feeling comes from. So much time dedicated to put it all together.   The behind the scene is simply put as  “organized chaos”.   It’s a wonder that everything runs a smooth as it should with so many people running around in a small area.

The smiles and laughter go from ear to ear and everyone helps everyone.

Patience is everything for these girls and boys as it is a long day.  There are always 2 shows and for the little ones, sometimes it gets a little long and tricky.  But even with the long, late night everyone brings it when the curtain goes up and the 60+ songs start to play.


I know these girls and boys are already looking forward to the start of their lessons in September, and some have already started practicing amongst themselves with the anticipation of an exciting solo. I can only imaging what next year’s show will bring going into its 22nd year.  

Registration begins in 10 weeks and some of the dancers are already counting the sleeps. Wishing them all a wonderful summer and will be seeing them soon in rehearsals.

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