Toronto, the city that keeps on giving.

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My boyfriend and I went on a mini vacation to Toronto, Ontario.  We hade quite the lovely time.  This was a trip about nothing.  We really had no plan and it was way too hot to take many photos, but some fun was had nonetheless.

We had a quick lunch at a place called Wvrst.  In German, it would be spelled Wurst but it’s a cool spin on the word sausage in German.  I had my all time favourite,  currywurst.

Snapseed 28

Some kids love ice cream, others chocolate but for me it’s really all about currywurst.  A simple Bratwurst sausage grilled to perfection, topped off with a tomato sauce and yes, curry.  Mmmmmm…………  I thought I could only get this in Germany but to my surprise, Toronto has it.

A trip about nothing means random photos.  It’s a great opportunity to take snap shots of whatever.  Flavoured straws?  Why not?   A huge selection of coloured candy straws to sweeten up an already sweet day.

Snapseed 31

Walking the streets of Toronto I am surprised at the different types of architecture.  For the most part the downtown core of Toronto has modern sky scrapers, however, if you look around unsuspecting corners you can be surprised at the random buildings that stand out on their own design.

Snapseed 27

I always find that seeing an old-fashioned bicycle has some sort of romantic notion.  I picture myself  biking down a dirt road, the sun starting to set and that warm evening glow surrounding everything that is beautiful.  I have a variety of wild flowers in my basket next to a bottle of wine and a fresh baguette.  The golden hour is the time of day that makes everything sparkle with specks of gold.  My imagination never stops.  Back to Toronto.

Snapseed 39

John and I decided to take part of the kitchie act of buying a love lock and attaching it to the metal structure that bears all the love locks of previous lovers.  I wonder if it will be there next time we go.  We always get odd looks when we tell people our names are John and Doe. We think it’s rather funny.  Toe tag not included.Snapseed 46

Random picture of a sack of potatoes.  I love how this new generation is going back in time to simpler ways, only now we pay twice the price of old-time traditions and way of life. I find it rather comical.  What used to be the normal, natural way of life is now a luxury.

IMG_4633 2

Well, there is nothing traditional or random about this.  My glass of wine.  My fishing act to a random nothing day and yes, another currywurst.  Cheers!!!

Toronto wine glass 2018


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