Photo courtesy of Artwerk, Jean Brosseau -Instagram

Supper for us has always been at American Flatbread.  All the produce they use is bought local.   They also brew their own beer. This place is a must. Mmmmmm……….


Photo courtesy of Artwerk, Jean Brosseau-Instagram

Church Street also allows for street performers and there is definitely no shortage of those.  Most are students from UVC  looking for some extra coin to help pay for their education.


TheCosmicGrind is a delightful little coffee shop.  I truly enjoyed it here.  It’s a little tight for space but if it were any bigger it would lose it’s charm.  They offere a wide variety of coffee choices and I was pleased to hear that they had soy milk.  Having said that, I’m almost not surprised given the atmosphere of Church Street.  My coffee was a delicious pick me up in the afternoon that I desperately needed.


Church Street, Vermont.   A place with it’s own special vibe.   Imagine a small European town run by hippies.  Yes, it seems strange  and you may wonder how they work together, but they just seem to.  A place with hand made crafts, modern furniture and delicious food.  This place offers everything . img_1969

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