img_1843Sometimes,  I find the best pass time is people watching.  So many expressions and emotions.  I like to think that the people I capture in that moment, when I hit the trigger button on my camera,  truly are embracing a precious few minutes of happiness. Their own personal time or something shared with an other. Let’s face it.  How many times do we really stop to smell the roses and smile at their lovely aroma?  How often you do see strangers walking with a genuine smile on their face, just because? We’re usually looking at our phones or complaining about how lousy our day was, or the poor service at the coffee shop.  What happened to the “best day ever” looks on our faces?  Where are the smiles?  To find them I feel like a hunter out looking for prey.  I pack my FUJI camera armed with a few lenses and head out for what may be a long hunt. It takes some time, but when I do finally find some one smiling I pray I have the right lense on my camera to take that shot because it’s absolutely perfect.

It’s a melancholy feeling for me to people watch as I too question my happy moments.  I think of my mom who’s passed, but I can still hear her calling my name .  I think of Germany where I come from and how I miss it terribly, but I remember my grandparents and smile.  As I write this I briefly cry.   When I people watch, in my mind I wonder about these random stranger’s precious moments.  Are their lives genuinely happy or is this just one of those brief freeze frames in life where everything is absolutely perfect.  “Where is his wife?  Is she gone? Did he get a wiff of another  woman’s perfume and he remember’s that it was his wife’s favourite scent?  How he misses her but remembers her smile.  What’s that they’re eating?  It looks like a non cheat day cheat.  Definitely  something sinful and decadent.  I won’t tell but I wish I had a bite.”.

I enjoy people watching because it lifts my spirit.  If I’m down or stressed about something  I like seeing how other’s are not thinking about their worry at that same moment I am.  I enjoy being lifted up by other’s bliss.  I’m thinking, in a perfect world our personal happy time would happen more often and last longer.  I guess what’ I’m saying is that we should all focus more on the happy times to smile more.  It not only lifts you up but others around.   So smile……I’m watching you.

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