…..but before we do, one more Pinot Grigio.

#jacksontriggs, #jacksontriggswinery

One of the few locations at the vineyard where you get to enjoy a 5 course meal paired with 5 different wines.  We didn’t have the time to enjoy a pairing but we bought a few bottles of vino and headed off to the next vineyard………

We learnt a lot about wines and how they are made and enjoyed every part of the tour.  

We decided on a tour as we were taken with the architectural design and wanted to see more.  Lots of stainless steel and some wood.  We were expecting an old French style vineyard with many generations of wine making.  This was quite different.    We sat out on the patio enjoying a Pinot Grigio and waited our turn.  It cost us $10.00 each and part of that went towards the price of a bottle of wine.  Not at bad deal at all, especially since the wine is so delicious.

We had one last day left in Toronto but wanted to venture out from the big city and head out to Niagara on the Lake, and also finish off at Niagara Falls.  This was a full day and well worth the blisters on our feet.  

Our first stop was Jackson-Triggs.  A modern day winery with all the history and experience needed to make great wines.  

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